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Thank you for your interest in Yemen travel and in our agency. We offer you a variety of trips to suit individual wishes, always aiming to enable the traveller to experience the people and their country at close quarters.

On the following pages you will find important information on the country, its history, culture and people, together with suggestions for tours – study or adventure tours, walking tours in mountains and valleys. special tours for women and travellers interested in architecture.

Our team belongs to the Alsharafi family business of ADENSafari
based in Sana'a:


Manager: Alkhadher Mhosen Ali Alsharafi, operative since more
then 15 years in Yemen tourism

Dr. Barbara Wally, long term director of the International
Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Salzburg, expert for cultural tourism

As a joint Yemeni-European venture, we aim to encourage sustainable tourism in Yemen, and to arrange travel in the way it was originally intended – to become familiar with foreign places, to understand and respect the ways of the people, and thus to broaden the mind.

We will be happy to answer any questions, or to help you to work out
a suitable route to suit your own requirements:

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