Dear Friends of Yemen,

The new Yemen: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Tawakkul Karman, leading protagonist of the Yemeni peaceful revolution.

As amply reported in the international media, Yemen is reemerging from a difficult and critical period. Since the onset of the Arab Spring in January 2011, Yemenis have protested vehemently, yet peacefully, against government abuse and corruption, disproving the notion of Yemen as a “tribal state, armed to the teeth.”

Yemen’s persistently non-violent protest movement has rendered political transition inevitable. The international community has acknowledged the movement's peaceful character by awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Tawakkul Karman, one of its leading protagonists. A unity government was recently formed to rule over the interim period until Presidential and Parliamentary elections will usher in a new era of democratic legitimacy.

The political crisis has deliberately deprived Yemenis of access to basic staples, electricity and fuel. But the outlook has now brightened. International NGOs are assisting the economic normalization process, paving the way for the return of tourism which would go a long way in restoring the livelihood of those Yemenis depending on it.
closely monitors the political and security situation, and will keep you informed as soon as its travel routes receive official clearance. Post-revolutionary Yemen beckons with its generational shift in state and culture, contrasted with its ancient civilization and architecture, as well as its deep devotion to the faith of Islam. For those interested in following current events, we recommend

We look forward to seeing you in Yemen soon (again).
Alkhadher Alsharafi und Barbara Wally and ADENSafari Team

Travels to Yemen, Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Tour A – 5 days Hiking in the Wadi Massilah - Hadramaut – south coast tour - the Green Yemen - Sanaa and surrounding. prolongation 4 days hiking in the mountains west of Sanaa
Sanaa - flight to Seyun - Wadi Dawan - Tarim - Wadi Massilah - Mukalla - Bir
Ali - Aden - Taiz - Aljanad - Jiblah - Ibb - Sanaa. prolongation: Manakha

September 18 - October 2 (5), 2010

15 (19) Days,Euro 1800.-* p.p.
with 4 Days prolongation Euro 2280.- p.p.

Tour B – Hiking in the coffee mountains – snorkeling in the Red
Sea –coastal plain Tihama – old towns in the Green Yemen - Sanaa and surrounding. With 4 days prolongation: hiking in the north-western mountains

Sanaa – Manakha/Harraz mountains – Burra - Kamaran Island - Tihama – AlChocha - Bab al Mandab - Aden - Taiz - Al Janad, Giblah, Ibb - Sanaa

October 23 – November 7 (11), 2010

15 (19) Days,
Euro 1900.-* (included additional fee Kamaran)
with 4 Days prolongation western mountains
Euro 2.380.-* (included additional fee Kamaran)

Tour C – Treasures of architecture: tower houses, urban ensembles,
fortresses, landscaped terraces, skyscrapers and palaces made of mud, early mosques and madrasas

Sanaa – Thula, Kaukaban, Shibam/K. – Shibam/H. – Seyun - Tarim - Aynat - Shibam H. - Wadi Dawan – Mukalla – Bir Ali – Aden – Taizz – AlJanad – Jiblah - Ibb – Radaa – Sanaa

November 13 - 27, 2010

15 Days, Euro 1800.-*

Tour D – Christmas Tour: Natural island Soqotra – wadis, oases und mud architecture in the Hadramaut – Sanaa
Sanaa – Soqotra, mountains, coasts, villages (7 days) - Mukalla – Wadi
Dawan – Hadramaut - Sanaa and surrounding

December 22, 2010 - January 5, 2011

15 Days, Euro 1800.-* (included flight Soqotra)

Tour E – Nature/Culture half and half: Natural island Soqotra and historical sites in the Hadramaut
4 days Soqotra, sea and mountains - Mukalla – Wadi Dawan - Hadramaut –

February 8 - 17, 2011

10 Days, Euro 1330.-* (included flight Soqotra)

detail programs on request: Contact:

The service we offer:
We drive in land-cruisers, which hold three to four passengers with their luggage and all the camping equipment. We will pick you up at the airport, drive you to all the destinations and stops named in the route descriptions, and take you back to the airport at the end. Domestic flights are included as well.
The price includes all the overnight stays in funduqs, in single rooms if available, but also in shared rooms. Camping is in single tents.
Food is included in the price, and consists of three meals a day with the customary drinks. Picnics will be provided when we are travelling or camping, with simple cooking equipment. The price also includes entrance charges for museums and other places of interest.

The following are not included:

  • Travel and health insurance. We strongly advise you to take out such an insurance policy.
  • Flights to and from Sanaa. Please check times and availability of tickets before booking your trip.
  • Visa charges: currently 60 US dollars; please have the exact amount ready on arrival at the airport.
  • Tip for the guide/driver: a satisfied client usually gives 10% of the fare.
  • Tips in hotels (customary only in tourist places)
  • Non-local drinks, such as alcohol-free beer
  • Personal expenditure


The current charge is 120 euros per person per day. Arrival in the evening counts as a whole day, since it includes the overnight stay.

We prefer joint bookings by 3-4 persons, which ensures that the participants get on well together, but we are also happy to take single bookings and form small groups.

If so wished, we can hire an English-speaking guide, at extra charge.