Travel with us in Yemen – a fascinating land that offers authentic insight into the Islamic way of life. You will meet hospitable people ready to welcome and return your interest and curiosity. Discover unspoilt Arabia with understanding and respect. Yemen offers fascinating landscapes: the coastlines of two seas, the coastal plains of the Red Sea, the mountains with their terraced agriculture, the green country in the hills, the desert Mahra region in the east, the fertile oases in the Hadramaut and the desert where only the colourful Bedouins live.

Yemen has something for everyone. Are you interested in the country's history and cultural treasures? Would you like to wander through the souqs of Sana'a or Taiz and explore the treasures of the Orient – frankincense, myrrh, raisins, dates, spices, silver, coral? Or to roam at leisure through all the different landscapes? Or to go diving among the reefs in the Red Sea? Or simply to experience the Arabian world and the Islamic way of life as it has been since ancient times?There is no mass tourism yet, so the traveller can choose to immerse himself in his own way in the strange and colourful life here.

ADENSafari offers you a distinctive experience of Yemen – authentic, genuine, exotic, fascinating, varied, instructive and contradictory – both a land of ancient culture and a young developing country. You cannot fail to fall in love with it.
ADENSafari is a Yemeni-European joint venture.